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Paumanok Algonquain Foundation, Inc., (established 1977) is a not-for-profit organization of Native American and Americans who are concerned with the preservation of the culture, tradition and the education of the Native Algonquain of Long Island.

Very little is known about the Native Algonquain of Long Island, and what is known is not reaching their descendants and the general public. Due to this lack of knowledge, a culture that cannot be replaced is dying. The goal of the PAF, INC., is to rekindle that dying flame.

Our mission is to:

  • 1. Educate the Algonquain descendants and the general public as to the Algonquain customs, culture, and traditions and to establish perpetual research of the past and the present via anthropology and sociological studies.
  • 2. Offer Native American participants who want to develop or improve their vocational and educational skills the necessary services. To help Native American children and adults to develop their personal and educational potential to the fullest.
  • 3. Offer counseling services to those Native Americans who may need information or referral in regards to education, medical, legal, social and psychological problems.
  • 4. Promote and preserve the Algonquain language, arts, and crafts.
  • 5. Promote and preserve Algonquain customs, costumes, and traditions.
  • 6. Establish and maintain a center which would house a museum, day-care facilities, a clinic, and other educational components, for Native Americans who reside on or off the reservation.

Since 1977, we have conducted research on behalf of many individuals and organizations. We also conduct educational counseling for students interested in attending college or a technical school. We sponsor Native American Craftsmen who want to exhibit their crafts at pow-wows and craft fairs.

Future projects:

An Educational Corporation, not-for-profit private school (Paumanok Algonquain Academy) for Native American children and adults. This school will offer a regular curriculum of studies. A cultural studies curriculum will be designed from an American Indian perspective and the individual courses will reflect this effort. At the same time, non-cultural courses will attempt to reflect tribal philosophies of education.

Another part of the school curriculum will be an adult education program that will include but is not limited to, GED program, Life and Developmental Skills, Aquaculture, Horticulture and Agriculture programs (Paumanok Algonquain Organic Garden Project).

Because so many of our students have family responsibilities, the school will establish a day-care-facility for children of students and the wider community.

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